“The team doesn’t work if YOU don’t work”

Look, it takes a certain person to take a hobby and see it as a sport, take a game and see it as a competition, take a passion and make into a goal. It drives someone to have self-discipline and set their intentions to work harder, consistently work on themselves to achieve everything they can out of the life we all live. This is what we want to cultivate to make the best athletes and members of our community. We don’t win if they don’t win.

Brewster Baseball Garage is a youth training facility that focuses on the development of athletes to build skills, discipline and character in order to achieve their best both on and off the playing field. Our goal is to help each athlete achieve their own personal goals which will translate into being a better teammate as well as carrying over those values to all aspects of their life focusing on good sportsmanship, honesty, respect, and being the best they can be to make an impact on their team and their community.

We do this by:

  • Focusing on the individuality of each athlete and their current skills and capabilities;
  • Having open and honest conversations with the athlete and their family to discuss their opportunities for improvement
  • Building a program tailored to their specific goals; and
  • Tracking progress to show results over time.

    The Garage offers many services, programs and opportunities for both teams and individuals to support and build their goals, tenacity, ambition, pride and integrity in a competitive sports environment.

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