“The team doesn’t work if YOU don’t work”

Brewster Baseball Garage is a youth training facility that focuses on the development of athletes to build skills, discipline and character in order to achieve their best both on and off the playing field. Our goal is to help each athlete achieve their own personal goals which will translate into being a better teammate as well as carrying over those values to all aspects of their life focusing on good sportsmanship, honesty, respect, and being the best they can be to make an impact on their team and their community.

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For our youth athletes, training at BBG is about more than athletic performance. We are committed to the long-term development of all of our athletes, ensuring that they achieve their performance goals as well as build skills that will lead to a lifetime of good health and personal accomplishment. Athletic performance is a byproduct of determination, confidence, and a strong work ethic. It is through undertaking these habits of pursuing goals that our athletes learn valuable life skills; commitment, perseverance, teamwork and discipline, are qualities that they will carry with them into all aspects of their lives.

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  • I am excited about the opening of the Brewster Baseball Garage.  This facility is exactly what Putnam County needs to help our young players grow. It will give them year-round opportunities to develop their baseball skills.  I have known Gerard for thirty years as a teammate, a coach and a friend. Brewster Baseball Garage will be an asset to our community.  

    Richard Butler , Patterson Baseball Board Member
  • My family has been working with Coach Gerard and Coach Neil for a while and they are first class coaches and first-class people. They have amazing baseball knowledge and their approach to youth athletics is fair, structured and enthusiastic we are so happy to be working with these coaches we look forward to coming here for years to come.

    The Marino Family
  • What sets the instruction from Brewster Baseball Garage apart from the rest is the focus on each person individually. They don’t just look at a player’s physical strengths they work to get their mind into the game. After one session the spark was back in my son’s eyes and he fell in love with the game all over again. After a few weeks the changes on and off the field were noticeable. He finally felt like he was being heard and was getting proper instruction curtailed to him. Both Gerard & Neil brought the best out in my son and sending him there was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

    Laura Morrison , Proud Parent